Government Funded Research Projects

SERB- CRG Scheme

Dr. Ajalesh B Nair and Dr. Nelson Joseph P is the Co-PIs of Project entitled ” Fabrication and characterization of band structure engineered TiO2 nanotubes for photocatalysis and antimicrobial applications” sanctioned by Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)- File no. CRG/2020/000448 dated 28-12-2020.(Total amont- Rs. 27,58,311/- for 3 years)

SERB- TARE Fellowship

Dr. Ajalesh B Nair is a recipient of  Science and Engineering Research Board – Teachers Associateship for Research Excellence (SERB- TARE) in the year 2022 for the project titled “Development of Flexible, self healing and high power density supercapacitors”. File no: TAR/2022/000645 dated 06-10-2022. (Total amount- Rs. 18,30,000/- for 3 years)

Women Scientist Scheme-A-DST

Ms. Vidhya K V, research student is awarded women scientist scheme-A -DST for the project entitled “Synthesis and characterization of novel porphyrinoids bearing privileged heterocycles and their medicinal applications”, vide no; DST/WOS-A/CS-52/2021 dated 09-05-2021 (Total amount- Rs. 22,46,604/- for 3 years)

UGC-Minor Research Projects Completed

 Mr. Jenish Paul : Glass fibre reinforced epoxidised siloxane modified epoxy system for high strength applications

Ms. Smitha Roy-Isolation of chitin and its interaction studies with organic dyes (Computational and Experimental)

Dr. Simi Pushpan.K  – Synthesis and Characterization of Selected Previleged Structure bearing Dipyrromethanes

Ph.D Awarded

Ms. Manjusha Hariharan defended her thesis titled “Nanocomposites based on toughened unsaturated polyester resin’’ January 14, 2020

Ms. Neethumol Varghese defended her thesis titled  ” “Nano composites based on toughened epoxy resin” on 23rd July, 2020

Research Guides

  1. Dr. A. Benny Cherian -Retd Faculty
  2. Dr. Jenish Paul-Since 2019
  3. Dr. Simi Pushpan K-Since 2019
  4. Dr. Ajalesh B Nair-Since 2020
  5. Dr. Divya Susan Philips-Since 2022
  6. Dr. Sunil Sekhar A. C-Since 2022

Research Students

Currently 6 students are pursuing Ph.D (2-Regular and 4-Part time)